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What is this? 

A journey, my friends.  A life journey and a mission dedicated to inspire millions to deliberately: 'Think Different - Live Different'- and to view life from a different angle.  I invite you to join me on this adventure that we call life, as I go from giving speeches in suits, to riding a Harley across the country, to buying a one-way flight into Bangkok and backpacking throughout Thailand, to operating a farm deep within the country fields, and everything in-between.  As I embark on these life adventures I will share ideas and insights to provoke thought, challenge belief systems and reflect deeply on each experience for the meanings that live within. 

All done with an intention for no other reason than to remind others of the magic in the world and within themselves. 

During each unique adventure I ask the same questions: "What's the meaning of this?"  "What are the life lessons here?" "Why are things done this way?"  "What have I learned about myself and others?"  "How can these lessons and experiences enhance the quality of our lives in all areas?" 



MIND - Master it. 

BODY - Build it. 

LIFE - Design it. 

LEGACY - Cultivate it.


You can follow these adventures, insights, ideas and lessons HERE.  

 vast range of adventures.  

The Mission

"To inspire and empower millions to break free from self-sobatoging beliefs and dogma, act on their dreams and to feel truly alive within.  Through life adventures, deep insights, provoking thoughts and unique strategies I will remind others of the magic in the world and help them discover the possibilities that live within themselves.
It's time to redefine the norms."
Creator of - 'The Break Free Journey' - Brian Larson

My journey

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