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MIND - Master it. 

BODY - Build it. 

LIFE - Design it. 

LEGACY - Cultivate it.


The Mission

"To inspire and empower millions to break free from self-sobatoging beliefs and dogma, act on their dreams and to feel truly alive within.  Through life adventures, deep insights, provoking thoughts and unique strategies I will remind others of the magic in the world and help them discover the possibilities that live within themselves.
It's time to redefine the norms."
 - Brian Larson
Founder of: Kingsman 'The Modern Badass with Class'
Brian Larson - Founder of Kingsman;  Creator and Master Trainer - Kingsman Academy 

My journey

Learn about my trials, tribulations and breakthrough into an entirely new world.

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Creator of: Kingsman Academy

What is Kingsman Academy? 

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